Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Twas a very splendid and fab day for Me, Anton (my make up artist team mate) and Ralph (our ever fab eventologist and planner) when we invaded SUBIC!!!=D We had the chance to make a soon to be married couple very fierce and happy. Our location was the luxurious Subic Yacht Club and Hotel. Our mindset for that day is not only to work, but treat it as a getaway from the bustling of the city. The couple's concept was fun and playful so for her make up, Anton did a very dramatic and glamour make up to keep up with the daylight and the photographer's lighting. For her hair, I opted to do a partition with fluttering waves and extended her length by adding hair extensions. So Fierce!!!
Thanks much to Ralph Copiaco for entrusting this to us.

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here are some of the highlights of our Subic getaway/ fun pre nup shoot!
photos courtesy of Ralph=D

Organized by Ralph Jason Copiaco
Make Up : Anton Patdu
Hair : Mycke Arcano
Location, The Subic Yacht Club and Hotel, Olongapo City

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