Monday, January 21, 2013


#MYCKEovers is a term coined by yours truly for "makeovers" in which hair is the main focus. It can either be a haircut or a peg based hairstyle upon request. Together with the help of some photographers, make up artists and stylist friends, these young people and clients are given the "model treatment" in which they would be photographed sporting their new look.

For this set, the challenge is to create a photo set involving bright-colored hair using colored hairspray, colored eyebrows and non-professional models. Here is the photo sets for the second #myckeovers for 2013.

PHOTO by Bjorn Manila
MAKE UP by Diane Lorenzana
STYLING by Pete Rich
HAIR by Mycke Arcano using TRESemmé 
MODELS : Timothy, Leica and Enzo of Insignia/AB-UST
Special Thanks to Dookie Ducay of Torch Studio

GREEN IS IN : For 2013, the forecast color is Emerald Green and in this photo, Timothy is sporting a mint green hair with textured pieces in a faux hawk.

GOLD and PINK FUSION : In this photo, Leica is sporting an up-do with gold and pink colors. In order to get the look, form the up-do first by gathering the hair up and backcomb/tease the crown area. Then apply gold base followed by the pink streaks .

COPPERTONE : Enzo in this photo is wearing a copper and rusted brown colored mohawk. To get the look, Style ur hair by creating spikes by using blow-dry or straightening iron, apply wax or strong hold gel, for best results, finish with hairspray.

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