Monday, January 21, 2013


#MYCKEovers is a term coined by yours truly for "makeovers" in which hair is the main focus. It can either be a haircut or a peg based hairstyle upon request. Together with the help of some photographers, make up artists and stylist friends, these young people and clients are given the "model treatment" in which they would be photographed sporting their new look. Here are the samples of some of the #Myckeovers:

(Photos by Bjorn Manila and Jerick Sanchez, Make Up by Clarence Paul of MakeUp Store Philippines, Diane Lorenzana and Elaine Silva of BYS Cosmetics)

Before: Thick and Wavy, After: Pompadour

Before :  Limp and Dry, After: Bouncy Soft Waves

Before: Side Swept Bangs, After: Full Bangs with Pin Straight Hair

Before: Faux Hawk, After: Side Shaved

(The following photos were used as promotional material for an event in the University of Santo Tomas as spearheaded by the Arts and Letters Student Council 2012-2013.)

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